Why do some nuns wear brown habit?

Nuns, like other members of religious orders, wear a habit as a sign of their commitment to the religious life. The habit typically includes a dress, veil, and other garments that are worn according to the customs and traditions of the particular order.

The color of the habit can vary depending on the order, and some nuns wear brown as part of their religious attire. Brown is a symbol of humility, poverty, and detachment from worldly goods, and is often associated with the Franciscan order, which was founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in the 13th century.

The Franciscan order is known for its emphasis on simplicity and humility, and the brown habit worn by Franciscan nuns reflects these values. Additionally, brown is a neutral color that is not distracting and allows the nun to blend in with her surroundings, which is consistent with the Franciscan principle of humility.

Other religious orders, such as the Dominican and Carmelite, also use brown as part of their habit, but each order also has its own tradition and customs. The Sisters of Mercy, for instance, wear brown to reflect their apostolic work of serving the poor, sick, and uneducated.

In summary, the use of the brown habit is a symbol of humility, poverty and detachment from worldly goods, and it varies among different religious orders. It reflects the values of the particular order and the mission they undertake.

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